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Santtu Pajukanta

Popcult Helsinki is a convention focusing on television series, movies, games, comics and books. The event takes place at Marina Congress Center on May the 11th and 12th in 2019.

Whether you are a dedicated Marvel fan, actively play Overwatch, love to binge watch Netflix series, or obsess about Harry Potter, this is the con for you! We are located conveniently near the Helsinki city center and welcome people of all ages to the con!

Entry tickets for the full weekend cost 29€. Children under the age of 7 get free admission. Popcult offers various programs from live concerts to academic lectures and cosplay competitions. At Popcult you will also find a spacious merchant’s hall filled with fun merchandise, and an artist alley, which offers both original works and fan works in the shape of prints, pins, keychains, jewellery and much more.


To buy a ticket, please email us at [email protected].

Merchants and artists

Do you wish to book a table at the merchant’s hall or apply for the artist alley? Email us at [email protected]. For more information about the event for businesses, see this page.

Programs in English

For our full program, see this page. Our English lectures include:

Who is right? – The Splendor of Religions in Dragon Age

Saturday 17-18:15, Fennia I, by Lydia "Lycaface" Mccarthy and Hanna "Brownieu" Uutaniemi

The Dragon Age universe presents us many complex religions and ideologies. The Chantry of Andraste has the most power and followers in Thedas, however the Dalish elves firmly believe in their own gods, the dwarves have a connection ‘to the Stone’ and Qunari follow the strict principles of the Qun. Additionally let us not forget alternative views such as Mage rights! During our panel we will delve into these ideologies, present some outcast views and hope to present which faith is right. Maker preserve us! Or not?

Carol Susan Jane Danvers, A.K.A. Captain Marvel

Saturday 14:00-15:15, Nordia, by Eduardo Serradilla Sanchis

Carol Susan Jane Danvers, A.K.A. Captain Marvel has been, since its inception in the graphic world (Marvel Super-Heroes# 13, CD March 1968) a very unusual character. Intelligent, perseverant, unable to accept a NO for an answer, her arrival to Marvel Comics meant the Woman of the 21st century had arrived, and this was decades before the century had even started. With her five decades of history in the comics industry, the character has been an air force pilot, a NASA security head, editor of a feminist magazine and, above all, one of the most famous superheroes in comics. This is her story.

Fanzines in Estonia, the Workings of Journalistic Outlets Created by Fans and Volunteers

Saturday 12:30-13:45, Nordia, by Helina Ravasoo

This program is largely based on my Master thesis, which I defended in Tallinn University in 2018. Fanzines in this context are created by fans and volunteers and that are available for all to read publicly for free. Fanzines covered in this mostly write about sci-fi or videogames. In it I try to answer any questions you might have about fanzines and their making. Where and why and how do fanzines come to be? What do they write about? How do their makers find the topics they want to write on? How do they pick which topics to cover? Where they get their photos and illustrations from? Where do they get their money from? Do they need money at all? If they operate for free(which, spoiler alert - some of them do) how do they manage it? Where do they find people to work there? How can YOU join the ranks of fanzine-making? What motivates people to make them? Eventually we look into the slightly drama-filled topic of competition and look at the competition in the fanzine field and who do Estonian fanzine-makes see as their competition. Please be advised that all of my research is based on fanzines in Estonia. I know little of the scene in Finland, but if you do - come over and we can compare the similarities and differences. I will briefly cover the fanzines I studied as well.


To apply for our cosplay, CMV or photoshoot competition, email [email protected].

Popcult Helsinki opening hours:
Saturday, May 11th 10:00 - 19:00
Sunday, May 12th 10:00 - 17:00

Location: Marina Congress Center
Katajanokanlaituri 6
00160 Helsinki

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