Fanzines in Estonia, the Workings of Jour­nal­is­tic Outlets Created by Fans and Volunteers

Lauantai 12:30 - 13:45
Helina Ravasoo

This program is largely based on my Master thesis, which I defended in Tallinn University in 2018. Fanzines in this context are created by fans and volunteers and that are available for all to read publicly for free. Fanzines covered in this mostly write about sci-fi or videogames. In it I try to answer any questions you might have about fanzines and their making. Where and why and how do fanzines come to be? What do they write about? How do their makers find the topics they want to write on? How do they pick which topics to cover? Where they get their photos and illustrations from? Where do they get their money from? Do they need money at all? If they operate for free(which, spoiler alert - some of them do) how do they manage it? Where do they find people to work there? How can YOU join the ranks of fanzine-making? What motivates people to make them? Eventually we look into the slightly drama-filled topic of competition and look at the competition in the fanzine field and who do Estonian fanzine-makes see as their competition. Please be advised that all of my research is based on fanzines in Estonia. I know little of the scene in Finland, but if you do - come over and we can compare the similarities and differences. I will briefly cover the fanzines I studied as well.